Reasons OnLive Games Will Be the Best

The new and exciting online gaming service by OnLive only launched this past March but already, millions of people around the world are showing interest. For one thing, this particular on-demand gaming service uses innovative technology so players around the world can enjoy high-end titles without the need to install or download. Working with a broadband internet connection, gamers will soon have immediate access to the 16 initial OnLive games.

Although gamers will not be able to lock into the monthly subscription for OnLive games until sometime this winter, the price will be affordable. In addition, OnLive will be offering members a number of package options and even game playing tiers based on skill and desire. Regardless of the option a person chooses, everyone can be certain that cost will be less than paying retail for standard console games. Obviously, with the launch of OnLive, retailers will be put in a position of serious challenge.

Typically, a game publisher selling a game for $60 would keep approximately $27. Additionally, the retailer would hang on to about $15, as well as any revenue coming from reselling a used game. That means the console owner only receives $7. While that all sounds fine, the big problem is that to run such games, the gamer needs a very powerful and fast computer system, fast connection, and lots of patience while the game installs or downloads. However, OnLive games will be much different by taking a cut of what the gamer pays for the service. As a result, game publishers save a tremendous amount of money allowing game creators to increase profits.

What makes OnLive games so different from other online games is that streaming video can be viewed on a standard computer or television without additional cost of hardware, Ethernet cards, etc. This means the on-demand gaming industry will be changed dramatically! By subscribing to the OnLive service, the game chosen to play is run on OnLive’s computer while the เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุดไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ streaming video goes to the user. This creates the appearance of being on OnLive’s proprietary controller, which is much like the Xbox 360 controller.

The way in which OnLive games are delivered is different in that a new compression technology is used. That means streaming to a conventional console or using high dollar graphics’ cards is eliminated. Additionally, the video is received without dropped frames or lag time. The only thing the user needs is a 1.5 Mb internet connection and a high definition device, again television or computer.

Once this service is ready for public use, it will initially offer 16 OnLive games but over time, the numbers will increase significantly. Additionally, the service will give gamers the option of trying games to determine if they want to go ahead and purchase or not. Without doubt, this is the most awesome online gaming service ever developed with no more upgrades, no downloads, no discs, no recalls, and no wait time. Instead, every gamer, regardless of age, lifestyle, or skill level will be given the most incredible online gaming experience ever.

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