Online Games and Addiction

There are countless online games out there. Every one of the most popular online games would have a community of hardcore gamers. These gamers practically spend more of their time in the virtual gaming world than in their real life.

Hardcore players are almost always misunderstood as having no health. After all, the only thing they do is spend time in front of their respective computers, hitting the keys of their keyboards without stopping. Non-players perceive hardcore players as lifeless.

Unfortunately, these gamers really believe that they have a life outside the normal world, a life in the virtual world created by game developers. They have “friends” from all over the world in the gaming world, friends they haven’t even met before. In the process of all these games, these players are in fact neglecting the real friends and family that they have in the real world.

Some questions that our society often poses to those gamers: Can the interaction in the game world replace a healthy interaction of the real human being in front เว็บแทงบอล of you? And is your life in the world of video games a substitute for the life you have in the real world? Most players would answer “Yes” to both questions.

Most of these hardcore gamers are probably socially inept. When faced with a problem in the real world, these people simply retreat to the other world instead of facing the problem.

Extreme addiction to online gaming is dangerous and would hamper a person’s growth and development as a member of the society.