How to Draw a Duck

Ducks are birds belonging to the Anatidae Family. They are aquatic beings smaller than geese or swan, inhabiting both, fresh and saline water. Their body is characteristically broad and elongated, with the neck being relatively long. Their flight is generally vigorous and requires strong, short, and pointed wings. The bill of the duck is serrated and well defined for fishing. Ducks gain their nutrients from a wide variety of food sources, like insects, fish, aquatic plants, and worms. These birds are found globally, especially New Zealand, Hawaii, & many tropical islands.

Due to the distinct body structure of the ducks, it is necessary to adopt a technique and follow some ground rules when drawing them. These birds are also portrayed as cartoon figures, famous one being the Daffy Duck. The steps followed while drawing a duck are Uberduck AI illustrated below.

Required drawing tools:

a) Pencil

b) Paper/ Canvas

c) Colors (optional)

d) Paint brush (Optional)

Steps for drawing duck:

Head: Draw a small elliptical oval for head. Keep it flat so that the other body parts can be connected to it.

Body: The body of the duck should take the shape of a flattened teardrop. Keep adding curves to make it look like that of a duck. The critical part is connecting the body with the head. For it, form two curves on both the sides of the head, eventually merging them with the body.

Beak: A particular strategy is adopted to draw the beak of a duck. One has to draw an outwards facing ‘U’ shape from the head of the duck. Following it, draw a ‘V’ and attach the two ends together. The beak should also be shaded to add the extra effect.

Wings: Wings are the trickiest part to draw and require minute attention to details. Draw half oval from the body of the duck such that the open side looks broader than the tail side. The wings should be shaded to give the effect of feathers. Randomly draw ‘U’ and ‘V’ lines to portray feathers.

Feet: The feet are drawn with two long lines from the body of the duck facing downwards. The feet are oval and dr