How To Challenge Your Competitors and Win New Business

usiness presenting is a lot like professional sports. To challenge your competition, you must know everything about your opponent. How can you go into each presentation as prepared as a prize athlete? Find out here.

In sports, information about your competition is often readily available. You can find out just about everything online. Check out your competition by tracking previous scores, watching videos, and getting the scoop on your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

But in business presentations, you may not have these options. Here’s how to gain exceptional presentation skills by training yourself. Follow these 6 steps to instantly gain a competitive advantage and win new business.

1. Read Their Blog
One of the fastest ways to understand your competition is to read their blog. But don’t just read to understand the content. Look deeper. Look at the hidden beliefs.

Does your competition believe they have the market in a bag? Are they arrogant and self-assured? Are they rehashing old content or staying on a cutting edge?

2. Review Descriptions
Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Look at the descriptions of products, services and trainings. Do the descriptions sound unique? Or do they sound like last year’s worn out conference blurbs?

Are you looking at a large global organization-or a mom and pop outfit? Imagine you’re reading from a client’s perspective. What are your expectations after reviewing the material?

3. Identify Assumptions
Now, step back. What are the hidden assumptions? This often comes as an intuitive hunch or feeling. Trust your gut emotions on this one. What does your competition assume?

4. Clarify What’s Missing
With all the investigation from Steps 1-3, you have a wealth of insight. This is the critical step. What is missing?

If all your competitors sound like they are ‘eating the same cheese’ and ‘talking the same talk’ you have a huge opportunity.