5 Reasons you should invest in SEO services for your website

Over the years SEO or Search Engine Optimization has gotten a bad rap.  Unfortunately, in this industry there are a lot of bad companies that have ruined the reputation of SEO’s but I’m convinced that all businesses need SEO services and that SEO should be at the forefront of your marketing right after you build your custom website design.   Here are 5 reasons you should choose to do SEO on your website with a reputable company:


  1. Organic Search is hands down your best opportunity to get relevant traffic to your website.  Showing up in relevant search engine results when someone is actively looking for your product or service has a much hire ROI then passive ads like magazines or banner ads.   Think about it.  As a salesperson, who would you rather reach?  The person that is just randomly walking by on the street and walked past your billboard or the person that is actively searching for a service provider or product because they have a need.   No one googles Emergency plumber unless they have water shooting from one of their pipes.  You want to be in front of those active searchers.
  2. Good SEO rankings build trust with your customers – If you’re custom website is consistently showing up on top of relevant search results for your industry your customers and potential prospects will see you as an industry leader.
  3. Uncover new markets – While doing research for keyword phrases to target I’m constantly surprised with how out of touch some business owners are with their customers. Almost every keyword research project we’ve ever performed we usually find a disconnect between what a provider or manufacture calls their product or service and what the end user is searching for.  Let me give you an example.  In the manufacturing world we worked with a client that made case forms.  Case formers are a machine you would find on a packaging line.  It takes a flat cardboard box and erects it into a box that is ready to be filled with product.   In this example our client had the term case form all over their website.  It was on the category pages and the product page etc.  But when we did the research, we quickly discovered that the majority of the search engine traffic was typing in case erectors.  Case erectors are exactly the same product.  By changing the verbiage on their site to focus on Case erectors vs case formers this company was able to triple their website traffic.
  4. SEO is always changing – If you did SEO back when you launched your website and think that is good enough you may want to revisit your SEO efforts. SEO tactics are constantly changing.  Google announces new core updates several times a year.  The tactics that you used back when you launched your site may not be working any more as the search engines continue to evolve.   It’s important to be proactive with your SEO efforts and monitor the results and continue to make changes to keep in the forefront of good search engine rankings.
  5. SEO is cost effective – SEO is one of the best ROI’s you can get for your marketing dollar spend. Unlike PPC marketing where you pay for each visitor to your site, ranking well for a relevant search term can drive free traffic to your site for years to come.

Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term play.   Good SEO’s should have noticeable impacts on your site traffic with in a few months but SEO tends to get better each month as your work progresses.  Think about the long-term effect of continually adding and enhancing the content on your site.  The benefits of this are like a small snowball rolling down a mountain.  As you add content the snowball continues to grow and roll and gain momentum.  Over time you have a giant ball of snow that has momentum and mass.   SEO works in a similar way.  As your site becomes more relevant for key focus keywords you will notice rankings improve for other related key terms which will spur additional development around those terms and so on.  If you need help with your SEO efforts consider the experts at Foremost Media, Inc in Janesville, Wisconsin.  We not only build custom websites but we can help take your new or existing website and generate better traffic.

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